Bachelor In Paradise: Why Brendan Morais Should Go On FBoy Island

On Bachelor in Paradise season 7, Brendan Morais’ plot for more Instagram followers backfired and resulted in a precipitous drop in popularity, and it’s all because he went on the wrong tropical dating show. So far, Brendan’s manipulation is on full display on BIP. Based on his current behavior and goals, the new HBO Max series FBoy Island might be a better fit for the former fan favorite. Bachelor Nation has never seen someone fall so far so fast, and Brendan’s best hope to salvage his popularity is to lean into his new villain persona on a different show.

It’s safe to say that Brendan didn’t go to Paradise to find love, as he was already in a relationship with Pieper James. Brendan was one of the first contestants on the beach, and in order to stick around long enough for Pieper to arrive, he led on castmate Natasha Parker. After lying to Natasha, Brendan has been unfollowed by nearly 100,000 fans. While he was once one of the brightest rising stars in Bachelor Nation, he’s now public enemy number one within the fandom.

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Even Brendan’s castmates have been roasting him, with Demi Burnett recently tweeting: “Brendan got cast for FBoy Island and accidentally showed up to the wrong beach.” She clearly meant it as a joke, but in reality, going on FBoy Island could be the best option for Brendan to regain some popularity. On FBoy Island, a group of men competes for the hearts of three single women, but half of them are genuine and the other half are “f-boys” who are competing for cash. Overall, Brendan’s manipulative ways on Bachelor in Paradise would fit right in on FBoy Island.

Though the Brendan and Pieper drama is unheard of on BIP, on FBoy Island deception is all part of the game. Brendan proved himself to be a clout chaser, so what better place to gain fame than on a show that encourages f-boys to be themselves. The Bachelor Nation pariah wouldn’t have to hide his motivation from viewers, and that transparency could win back some fans. FBoy Island is also a popular new show, and much of the audience might not be familiar with Brendan’s reputation within Bachelor Nation.

After his shocking behavior on Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan will likely be shunned by Bachelor Nation when it comes to fans who don’t approve of his clout chasing. Most Bachelor Nation stars go on the franchise in part to gain followers, but for Brendan, that seems to have been his sole motivation. Bachelor Nation may no longer be the best place for him. Instead, to regain all the Instagram followers he’s lost, Brendan may want to consider other TV shows that make use of his shameless manipulation avenues, like FBoy Island.

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Source: Demi Burnett/Twitter

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