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The best abilities to get early on in Aragami 2 grant greater control over stamina, turning invisible, and taking out enemies. There are a number of abilities that help make sneaking around and taking down enemies easier, especially in the early game of Aragami 2. Aragami 2 doesn't take too long to finish, so players will want to make sure to spend all their ability points wisely.

Free running, double-jumping, and dashing are all part of the Aragami 2 ninja experience, and these key mechanics will be critical in taking advantage of the Shadow Powers. Shadow Powers are what the Ability Points are spent on. Players can complete missions to earn experience and gain more Ability Points.

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If at any point players feel like their skills aren't as useful as they'd hope, they can use gold to reset their skill distribution. This becomes particularly useful as the game progresses because some late-game skills synergize better with early skills that aren't useful on their own. While the individual melee combat is smooth, it's still best to take enemies out from the shadows and make use of those kinds of abilities in Aragami 2.

By far the best ability to get early is the Chameleon ability, one of the best abilities for stealthy gameplay in Aragami 2. Chameleon allows players to turn invisible when they're huddled against a wall, granting them the ability to hide in plain sight. Additionally, further upgrades to Chameleon allow players to turn invisible when hanging from a ledge. While enemies can still spot players who are invisible, Chameleon is a great ability to unlock nonetheless and can be used as early as level 2.

At level 3, Mesmerize is the next best ability to unlock. Mesmerize allows players to stun enemies in Aragami 2, and the enemies can either be defeated or snuck by afterward. The upgrade version of Mesmerize stuns enemies near the target as well - making this ability essential from start to finish in Aragami 2.

At level 4, Jumper is the next best ability to unlock. Jumper reduces the stamina cost for everything in Aragami 2, further making use of the mobility mechanics. Most stamina-drain will come from dashing and jumping, and with Ghostly Dash being around the corner at level 6 it's best to grab Jumper as soon as possible. Ghostly Dash will turn players invisible after dashing, and with enough Jumper upgrades, the stamina bar will replenish before the invisibility runs out for maximum stealth gameplay.

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Aragami 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S.

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