Animal Crossing Villagers That Are Great For Fall Seasons

As autumn rolls around in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some players might be looking to retheme their island to better suit the fall season, or even get some villagers into the theming action. There are plenty of ways to dress up an island for the season, especially thanks to last fall's pumpkin farming update and the plethora of customizable furniture items that can be found in New Horizons. But one more unique method involves gathering new villagers to move in for the upcoming months. Here are a few fall-themed characters to bring to the island for the next season, based on their appearance as well as the design of their homes.

There are hundreds of different villagers to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it's arguably easier than ever to convince them to move in thanks both to the many different methods of meeting them as well as the game's active online community. Villager trading has become something of a black market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with players trading Bells and Nook Mile Tickets for sought-after characters such as Raymond and other fan favorites. Villagers can also be acquired by chance through either the campsite or mystery island trips, or brought in with their corresponding amiibo card.

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Players looking to change up the physical appearance of their island in other ways have plenty of options, too. DIY recipes and island terraforming were both introduced to the Animal Crossing series for the first time in New Horizons, and the use of custom designs and pathways adds even more options into the mix. The New Horizons Nook Shopping phone app also brings around seasonal furniture items that correspond to real-world holidays, many of which will begin appearing in the shop again as the autumn months roll around. It's worth noting, however, that the availability of these items depends on the hemisphere the game is set in. No such limitations apply for villagers, all of which are similarly likely to be found through random chance.

Fauna is a normal deer villager with a tan and brown color palette, and her house - both inside and outside - has a similar style, accentuated with red brick. She has a nature hobby, as well, which means she's liable to wander around admiring the island's scenery just in time for the fall-themed colors to make a return. Her starting outfit, a Bohemian Tunic Dress, is likewise perfect for the autumn weather.

Lucky is one of many Animal Crossing villagers who look ready for Halloween, dressed up like a mummy in a way that's well-suited for the spooky season that's approaching in New Horizons. The interior of his home even resembles a graveyard, and its exterior consists of a simple black-and-white theme that blends in well with most town layouts.

Beau is a lazy deer villager with a nature hobby, similar to Fauna, and is one of the more popular Animal Crossing villagers featured in New Horizons. His default outfit has him sporting a green Reindeer Sweater, which works well given the colder temperatures that arrive in autumn, and his orange fur blends right in with the changing leaves around the island. His house is designed after a log cabin, as well, which fits in just as nicely.

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Erik is another lazy villager - also a deer like Beau - but one who resembles a moose more than a deer. His fur is light brown and he sports a Comfy Sweater, and like the other two deer on this list, he also has a nature hobby. His home looks close to Beau's, as well, being themed around a log cabin and featuring a wintery inside appearance that makes him a good candidate for both an autumn and winter seasonal villager on any New Horizons island.

Maple is a normal cub villager with brown and tan fur, seen in New Horizons sporting a beige and green Tree Sweater. Her hobby is that of education, meaning she can often be caught reading outdoors and enjoying the cooler weather. The interior of Maple's cozy home is relatively plain, featuring green wallpaper and a log stove, but its simple exterior makes it easy to fit in just about anywhere on the island.

A maroon duck, Bill is a jock duck villager who lives in a log cabin with a red roof. The interior of his home involves simple tan-and-brown decorations, creating a harmonious fall atmosphere that works well for the fall months in New Horizons. He's the only jock villager on this list, as well, so any players lacking in that personality type should definitely consider picking him up for the fall.

Poppy is a red-colored normal squirrel villager with an education hobby that appears dressed in a green Alpinist Dress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Her home sports a red door and copper-colored roof, which blends in nicely with the fall trees around the island, and its interior is themed for the season, designed to look like an autumn scene outdoors, complete with log furniture and even a campfire.

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A peppy rabbit villager, Bunnie brings a bit of spunk to the list with her bright red and orange coloring and vivid Jade Check Dress. Her house is white with brown trim, including a reddish-orange roof and yellow door that bring in the fall aesthetic nicely. She has a fashion hobby, meaning she'll often be checking out the fall fashion at the Able Sisters and may even give the player new outfits from time to time.

Another deer, Deirdre is a sisterly villager with a play hobby. Unlike Animal Crossing: New Leaf, in which she wore the Fall Leaf Shirt, in New Horizons she instead can be seen wearing a bright and colorful floral sweater. Her home is what really makes her a good fit for autumn, though. Its interior is entirely themed around fall, featuring the Autumn wall and Colored-leaves flooring as well as tree-themed pieces of furniture, resulting in something fairly similar to Poppy's home. Its exterior fits in well, too, thanks to its thatched roof.

Ankha, like Lucky, is another villager whose appearance is perfect for Halloween. Her clothing, hair, and even facial markings are inspired by that of a pharaoh, and both the interior and exterior of her home are similarly themed. She's appeared in several games throughout the Animal Crossing series, making her into an iconic character who's worth keeping around well beyond just the month of October.

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