Animal Crossing Player Creates a Beautiful Field Full of Fireflies

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player came up with an interesting way to decorate their island after realizing that Flick's firefly models glow like the real insect at night. As players prepare to enter fall on their islands, the imagery on display is a wonderful sendoff for the summer season, and showcases the breadth of creativity within the Animal Crossing community.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are free to decorate their islands as they please, and every season brings events that provide new items and furniture that are themed specifically for that season. Seasons also provide new fish and bugs for players to collect that they can decorate their island with, but this is less common than other methods of decoration. However, these are mostly recycled content from the previous year's seasonal event and don't provide much that is new. While it is rumored that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be updated soon, there's no denying the lack of updates the game has recently been given, so players have had to get creative with the tools and content at their disposal.

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In a post on Reddit by mia_blondehaus, a player found out that Flick-provided firefly models, which can be earned by catching the bug of the same name (which is only available to collect during summer), glow during the night, which moved them to create a field full of firefly models to light up their island. The result is an awe-inspiring display of creativity serving as a beautiful contrast to the night sky backdrop. The imagery is underscored by a meteor shower, a rare event in the game that happens at random. The player also uses a custom wooden path texture that complements the natural scenery invoked in the picture.

Even though Animal Crossing: New Horizons has had little in the way of new content, the series has always been carried by the community's creativity and social features that can be accessed in the game. Players can share custom textures with one another through the Able Sisters' shop, and then use the textures to accentuate various landscapes, like the aforementioned wooden path in the photo. Third-party forums like Reddit where players can talk amongst others and share new creations are also hotspots for social interaction. Content is primarily driven by how players choose to interact with their islands and how much they want to engage with the community to spark new ideas. With fall right around the corner, players are already discussing how festive they can make their islands look in anticipation for the spooky season.

This summer saw no shortage of fresh, new creations brought to the Nintendo Switch game that continued to dazzle the fanbase, such as one player who terraformed their entire island to part Animal Crossing's sea like Moses. Because fireflies are strongly associated with summer, a field full of fireflies seems like a creative and interesting way to close out the season, and will likely influence others to do the same with their own islands. While players continue to wait for the next major Animal Crossing: New Horizons update, the community continues to demonstrate that with a small amount of creativity, content is never in short supply in a game about creative expression.

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Source: mia_blondehaus/Reddit

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