Agent Venom Finally Gets the Upper Hand Against Carnage

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Extreme Carnage Omega #1!

In a new preview for Marvel Comics' Extreme Carnage Omega, Flash Thompson's Agent Venom will finally be getting the upper hand against Carnage, as he's been struggling throughout the entire event to stop him from gathering and corrupting his family of symbiotes for one of his most sinister plans ever. In the aftermath of Marvel's King in Black event, Carnage has decided to take advantage of the public's growing fear of aliens, particularly symbiotes. However, while he's corrupted his siblings - known as the Life Foundation symbiotes - it seems as though Agent Venom is about to turn the tide with his own team of symbiotes, including a secret symbiote who's been working undercover.

As Extreme Carnage has progressed, it's been revealed that Carnage has been able to summon his symbiote family, corrupting them with his influence regardless of their hosts' desires. In fact, the only symbiote family member who's been able to successfully resist Carnage's call is his son Toxin, being the rare 1000th symbiote of their lineage, making him unique and stronger as a result. As such, Toxin has joined Agent Venom to take down his father alongside new hero Silence. Silence is Andi Benton, her new persona created in the aftermath of the Scream symbiote being corrupted and taken by Carnage. However, it looks as though Agent Venom has one more symbiote ally working for him as they attempt to stop Carnage's family from attacking Senator Krane, an influential political figure who's been using anti-alien sentiments to further his career.

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Now, Marvel Comics has released a preview for the upcoming Extreme Carnage Omega #1, being the final issue of the event from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Manuel Garcia. While it was known that Flash Thompson had his friend Hank working within Krane's campaign to keep tabs on him, Carnage was aware of Hank's true allegiance and seemingly killed him in the previous issue. However, this new preview reveals that there's more to Hank than Carnage and the Life Foundation symbiotes realized, as he was actually the host for Sleeper, an ally of Eddie Brock's Venom and guardian to his son Dylan. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue, seeing Sleeper working for Flash as a literal symbiote sleeper agent:

With Sleeper having entered the ring and immediately taken out Riot, the playing field has finally become even. Not only do Agent Venom and his allies now know that Krane is Carnage's true target rather than the President of the United States himself, but they also have Sleeper to support their side as well. Furthermore, Riot's defeat means that Carnage is now down a symbiote.

Agent Venom and his team have finally gained a win for their side, but who knows where this will go when the full issue releases? Sleeper joining their ranks may just give them the advantage they need to stop Carnage and the remaining Life Foundation symbiotes. While it's possible that Carnage could still create some lasting damage in what will no doubt be a large-scale symbiote battle, here's hoping Flash's Agent Venom has what it takes to bring him down so he can't continue causing chaos in the future when Extreme Carnage Omega #1 releases September 29th.

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