Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Confirmed to Return in Murder Mystery 2

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are confirmed to return for Murder Mystery 2. Starring Sandler and Aniston, Murder Mystery is one of several Sandler-produced films available exclusively on Netflix. Set in the same vein of a whodunit mystery as Clue or Knives Out, Murder Mystery debuted in June of 2019 and set a new streaming record for Netflix’s original movies.

Directed by Kyle Newacheck, Murder Mystery follows Nick (Sandler) and Audrey (Aniston), a married couple who embark on a European vacation in an attempt to rekindle the spark in their relationship. Co-starring Luke Evans, Gemma Arterton, and Terence Stamp, Murder Mystery takes a comedic and chaotic turn of events when Audrey and Nick are framed for a mysterious murder on a yacht and must unravel the clues to solve the crime. Written by James Vanderbilt, Murder Mystery surpassed almost 31 million views in three days. Now, it appears that Sandler and Aniston will become embroiled in a new mystery to solve.

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Announced during Netflix’s inaugural fan event TUDUM, Sandler and Aniston will officially return for Murder Mystery 2. According to Netflix, Murder Mystery 2 will be "another international adventure full of intrigue and hijinks." Directed by Jeremy Garelick, the script for the sequel to Murder Mystery was penned by Vanderbilt but will receive a tune-up by Garelick. Reportedly, Murder Mystery 2 has been placed on the fast-track for production and is expected to begin filming in Paris and the Caribbean later this Fall.

At this time, plot details and the release date for Murder Mystery 2 remain under wraps. However, it can be expected that Sandler and Aniston's dynamic duo, who stumbled through clues to clear their names in Murder Mystery, will be faced with a new level of sleuthing and detective work in the sequel. Of course, with Murder Mystery 2 expected to begin filming before the end of 2021, the film could release June of 2022, in a nod to the first film's release date, and be a high priority for Netflix’ summer roster.

Murder Mystery ended on a cautiously closed note, and the film's star power, easily digestible plot, and high ratings paved the way for a sequel - possibly even a trilogy - featuring Sandler and Aniston's married couple. Indeed, Murder Mystery delivered the perfect, breezy watch and left audiences wanting more. For now, Murder Mystery fans can look forward to Sandler and Aniston officially returning to the small screen for Murder Mystery 2.

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