90 Day Fiancé: Why Fans Don't Trust Molly Hopkins' New Man Kelly

90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins has earned a good reputation among franchise fans, though viewers are skeptical of Molly’s current boyfriend, Kelly. Molly met the Brooklyn cop online during 90 Day: The Single Life following her divorce from Luis Mendez. Though Molly and Kelly appear to be happy together, not all of Molly’s fans have fully warmed up to her partner due to multiple reasons.

Molly first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 5 along with her significantly younger partner Luis. Molly and Luis immediately clashed, which led to them being involved in memorable arguments that lasted hours. Molly’s two daughters disliked her husband, and Luis was even accused of asking her older teen daughter inappropriate questions. Many viewers were not surprised when Molly and Luis divorced after only half a year of marriage. Luis has since rapidly remarried and relocated to New Jersey, while Molly has continued in the franchise and become well-liked for her no-nonsense sense of humor. However, her taste in men has been called into question.

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When Molly connected with Kelly on social media, many The Single Life viewers were excited to see Molly potentially find love again. However, viewers were also understandably skeptical. As the CEO of LiviRae Lingerie, Molly has established herself as a strong and independent woman. Viewers were suspicious of the Brooklyn police officer who had so quickly captured the heart of the Georgia-based business owner. Given Molly’s dating history, many viewers were hesitant to trust her taste in men. Since Luis remarried so quickly after Molly, many fans believe he used her to get to the United States. Therefore, Molly has been accused of being a bad judge of character when it comes to her partners.

Viewers first called Kelly out for appearing younger than the mother of two. However, Molly revealed that Kelly simply has a baby face and is actually almost the same age as her. Molly and her friends were, at one point, suspicious that Kelly might be hiding things from her, including a potential child. Though the couple overcame the rumors, Kelly and Molly still revealed a fundamental relationship dealbreaker on The Single Life. Kelly voiced that he is eager to have kids of his own, but Molly made it clear that she is done having children. Therefore, many viewers fear that if Molly and Kelly marry, they will run into issues over having children, as Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi have experienced.

Overall, Kelly appears to be a far more healthy and supportive partner to Molly than Luis ever was. Molly has revealed that Kelly gets along well with her kids and that she is very much in love with him. Likewise, Kelly appears to have real feelings for his successful businesswoman partner. However, fans still can’t help but be hesitant to trust Kelly, given Molly’s messy track record on 90 Day Fiancé. Most viewers just want to see Molly avoid getting her heart broken a second time.

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