90 Day Fiancé TOW: Why Fans Want To Root For Ellie & Victor But Can't

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3 newcomer Ellie Rose has earned some support from fans, but most viewers have stopped short of rooting for her and boyfriend Victor McLean because they’re skeptical of the couple’s relationship. There’s no denying that Ellie is a sympathetic cast member in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. As such, most fans want her to have a happy ending. However, they don’t think this happy ending is going to happen if Ellie stays with Victor.

The Other Way season 3 has been documenting Ellie’s journey of uprooting her life in the US and moving to Providencia to be with her love Victor. Ellie gave up a lot in Seattle, including a thriving pizza restaurant, and many viewers feel she’s making a bad decision. Ellie has been through a lot of hardships and the new The Other Way couple has had problems in their relationship as well. Despite her friends’ misgivings, Ellie left Seattle to start a life with Victor in the wake of a devastating storm that ravaged Providencia.

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Many viewers have enjoyed watching Ellie and want her to find happiness after going through so many difficult times. Ellie has faced major heartbreak in the past after her first husband died of an accidental overdose, and Ellie has also lost both of her parents. Usually, fans would want to see her relationship work out, but when it comes to Victor, viewers have major doubts. Even though many fans would love nothing more than to see her get a happy ending, especially after how devastatingly Ellie’s first marriage ended, they feel that her decision to move to Providencia is a bad one.

Ellie has given up a lot to pursue a life with Victor, including her successful business, and it’s a big sacrifice for anyone to make for love. Early in the season, Ellie revealed that Victor had cheated on her while they were dating long-distance and he was also involved in a domestic violence incident. Many fans were rooting for the couple until they found out about the skeletons in Victor’s closet. These revelations have given viewers pause, and while they still want the Seattle pizza lady to find happiness, they don’t want Ellie to find it with unfaithful Victor.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans are largely supportive of Ellie and sympathize with everything she’s been through, but that hasn’t stopped them from being extremely skeptical of Victor. In fact, viewers’ empathy for Ellie has made them even more critical of Victor as well as Ellie’s decision to leave her life behind for him. Most fans are hoping Ellie finds happiness but they can’t root for her relationship with Victor to work out because they’re just too skeptical.

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