90 Day Fiancé: Robert & Anny Announce Their Second Baby Together

Robert Springs of 90 Day Fiancé fame recently announced that his wife, Anny Francisco, has given birth to the couple’s second child together, and it’s certainly cause for celebration. Robert and Anny announced the pregnancy in April and since then have kept fans posted on the progress of the baby. Though Anny had some difficulties with her second pregnancy, Robert seems extremely proud of his wife and the son she brought into the world.

Robert and Anny’s story began on 90 Day Fiancé season 7, and though many fans had their doubts about the couple, the two of them are still together several years later and have been growing their family. The news of Anny’s second pregnancy came just seven months after the birth of her first child, Brenda Aaliyah. She and Robert were overjoyed when they found out a few months later that their second baby is a boy. Robert is the father to six children, including a son, Bryson, who lives with his father and Anny.

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Though the couple has yet to make a proper announcement, Robert took to his Instagram Stories this week to say, “Much love and respect to my wife who’s the true warrior gave birth to our baby boy 9 lb 3 oz and 21 inches long.” There is no doubt a lot going on right after the birth, so it’s not too surprising that an official Instagram post isn’t one of Robert and Anny’s top priorities right now.

From the size of the baby, Anny must have had a difficult labor, and it’s probably best if she and Robert keep off social media until things settle down. Many fans will likely be relieved to learn that both mother and baby are doing well because Anny revealed her second pregnancy was “more painful than her first, and some followers were no doubt worried about her health. Robert must be relieved as well. Given that he called his wife a “true warrior,” the delivery may have been an ordeal.

The 90 Day Fiancé couple seems to be thriving, and given how excited they’ve been about their second pregnancy, Robert and Anny are surely on cloud nine right now. Though they haven’t revealed many details, including the new baby’s name, there’s sure to be more information coming soon. Many fans were skeptical of Robert and Anny on the show, as their relationship didn’t seem the most stable, but the couple has proved their haters wrong. Since 90 Day Fiancé season 7, Robert and Anny have been growing their family and are doing better than ever.

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Source: Robert Springs/Instagram

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