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The Teen Titans debuted in the Silver Age of comic books and became a staple of DC's lineup. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that they achieved the apex of their fame thanks to the now-iconic Judas Contract storyline. Ever since, and thanks to a beloved animated series, the Titans have cemented their place as one of DC's most popular teams.

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For all their fame, the Titans are yet to make their debut on the big screen, and with the DCEU seemingly focusing on stand-alone movies, it's the perfect time to make the big jump. The Titans have enough name recognition to carry a film by themselves, not to mention one of the most intriguing and diverse lineups in any comic book team.

8 The Titans Have Some Of The Most Compelling Backstories

The Teen Titans are a group of people who shouldn't work so well together but do. They have wildly different backgrounds, and each one has the potential to tackle issues that remain unexplored in the DCEU. Robin is trying to escape the shadow of his iconic mentor, Raven can't show her true self out of fear of her abilities, Starfire is an intergalactic refugee, and Superboy is a literal newborn struggling to find his humanity.

In short, the Titans have the potential to create a compelling narrative that successfully explores deep and timely issues while still delivering an exciting entry into the action-packed DCEU.

7 The Titans Represent The New Generation

At their core, the team is all about preserving their mentors' legacies. Indeed, the founding members of the Teen Titans were all sidekicks to well-established heroes, trying to find their place in the larger DC universe. Over time, they grew into their own personas; some even outgrew them, with Robin becoming Nightwing, Speedy becoming Arsenal, and Kid Flash assuming the role of Flash.

The DCEU is currently trying to find a pace that works for them. There are talks about introducing a new Superman, there's already a new Batman, and most of the plot points set up by the first movies are fading away. The Teen Titans provide a unique opportunity to introduce characters closely associated with DC's most emblematic heroes that are still their own thing. The Teen Titans could also grow into their mentors' roles as many did in the comics.

6 The Titans Are The Perfect Harmony Between Science And Magic

In most adaptations, Robin and Kid Flash are exceptionally clever and capable of devising incredible inventions. In some cases, Kid Flash is also a staunch opponent of magic, preferring to search for logical explanations through science. On the other hand Raven is the very representation of mysticism because of her status as a human-demon hybrid.

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Most modern superhero stories divide themselves between the fantasy side (Shazam!Doctor StrangeWonder Woman) and the science fiction camp (Iron Man, Flash, Man of Steel). However, the Teen Titans successfully blend both, creating a chaotic but appealing mix of genres and ideologies that is sorely missing from modern superhero movies.

5 The Titans Have Incredible Villains

In most iterations of the team, Deathstroke is Dick Grayson's and the Titans' archenemy. The bounty hunter is a threat that they can always beat but never defeat for good. Indeed, Deathstroke returns time and again, carrying out some nefarious plan that puts him in the Titans' way again.

The Teen Titans have several other powerful villains that could give Deathstroke a run for his money, including the anti-hero Terra, the fanatic Brother Blood, the envious Blackfire, and the time-traveling Harvest. However, their most menacing villain is Trigon, a demon from another dimension and Raven's father. Trigon has a myriad of powers that place him among the mightiest beings in DC, and the fact that the Titans often face and defeat him cements their place as one of the most capable and bravest teams.

4 Beast Boy's Abilities Would Be Visually Dazzling

Beast Boy is one of the most emblematic members of the Titans. He was an original member of the Doom Patrol before joining the New Teen Titans in the '80s. Beast Boy can shapeshift into the animal of his choosing after being injected with a serum developed by scientist parents. His powers are unlike anything else in the comics, and no one else has such versatile gifts in modern superhero cinema.

The character has appeared in several adaptations, including Cartoon Network's animated show and HBO Max's Titans. However, his powers are never properly utilized, most likely because of budget constraints. A DCEU version of the Titans would allow for a worthy adaptation of Beast Boy's abilities, enhancing the movie's spectacle and delivering some of the most visually daring sequences in modern cinema.

3 Raven Is Among The Most Powerful Beings In DC

Without a doubt, Raven is the most powerful member of the Teen Titans. She has wide knowledge and control over dark magic, with Trigon admitting that she only uses a minimal part of her abilities in battle. Indeed, Raven can do almost everything with her darkness, and her abilities come out in increasingly clever ways.

Seeing a live-action Raven would allow for a festival of visual marvel. From lifting and manipulating objects, to creating numerous forms out of darkness, Raven's powers would make for a dynamic and thrilling battle. Her struggle to keep them under control and her inability to express emotions would add further complexity to her already compelling narrative arc.

2 There's Already A Devoted Titans Fanbase

The Titans have been around for more than 50 years, but it wasn't until the 1980s that they became a bona fide hit thanks to storylines like Judas Contract. They have been a consistent performer for DC ever since, building a loyal fanbase throughout the years. Their standing increased thanks to the beloved Cartoon Network animated series, introducing them to a new audience.

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Nowadays, the Titans are superstars in DC comics and are more than ready to join the DCEU and bring their devoted fanbase along for the ride. The struggling universe could benefit from introducing a team that appealed to younger audiences. However, they should learn from the divisive reception to the overly juvenile Teen Titans Go and avoid making their big-screen Titans too childish.

1 A Titans Movie Would Further Expand The DCEU's Reach

Characters like Starfire, Blackfire, Blue Beetle, Miss Martian, and even Superboy would do a lot to expand the DCEU's current reach. So far, Superman is the most prominent alien in the cinematic universe, with comic book favorites like Martian Manhunter, Darkseid, and other Kryptonians barely making appearances.

The DCEU could follow in the footsteps of the MCU and introduce a cosmic side to their universe. A Teen Titans move would provide the perfect starting point, with characters like Starfire and Miss Martian acting as the audience's introduction to these new worlds. Raven would also act as a starting point for a mystic side of the DCEU, eventually tying to other characters like Zatanna and Constantine and even leading up to the Justice League Dark.

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