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The Unova region is a divisive one. Some fans see the Pokémon introduced in this generation as uninspired and think they resemble everyday objects too closely. Others, though, admire the designs and enjoy using these Pocket Monsters. Regardless of players' stances on the Unova region, it is clear that many of the most powerful creatures in the Pokémon series come from Generation V.

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Serebii.net has information such as stats, available moves, and abilities easily available, and these are a great metric for measuring a Pokémon's power. Legendaries and Mythicals should not be considered as they are less accessible, although they rank among the strongest in the region. Certain Pokémon can carry players through the games with relative ease and should be considered during a playthrough.

10 Darmanitan

In its Standard Form, Darmanitan is quite capable as an attacker, having a monstrous Attack stat and a high Speed stat. With the addition of a great HP stat, this Pokémon is not at all mediocre. Where it really shines, though, is if it has the ability Zen Mode, which activates after it reaches half of its maximum HP. At this point, Darmanitan gains additional stat values and redistributes them to have fantastic defensive stats and an excellent Special Attack stat. This makes Darmanitan much more difficult to take down.

9 Samurott

With high regular Attack and Special Attack, Samurott is best when relying on its offensive strength. Its other stats are not necessarily low, but its Defense and Speed specifically are not very desirable. However, Samurott has access to some of the most powerful Water-type moves in the series, making it dangerous if it can unleash even one strike. Although it ranks on the lower end compared to every other Water starter's final evolution, it is still a force to be reckoned with, and it can be a stellar Water-type on a team.

8 Hydreigon

The three-headed Dark/Dragon-type Hydreigon is as frightening in battle as it looks. As the pseudo-Legendary of the Unova region, it has a massive base stat total. Each of its stats is quite high, with more value placed on its Attack and Special Attack. The drawback of using Hydreigon, though, is the commitment it takes to obtain one. Zweilous, Hydreigon's previous evolution, does not evolve until level 64. However, if trainers are willing to put in the time to acquire one, Hydreigon can be a valuable team member.

7 Serperior

The pure Grass-type Serperior has a fairly even stat spread, except for the emphasis on its Speed stat. Its defensive stats are also above average, allowing it to take some super-effective damage without fainting. Its offensive stats are decent, but since both categories have the same value, Serperior can use a variety of moves effectively.

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Access to excellent moves like Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, and Leaf Storm help it to strike opponents with great force, and because of its Speed stat, it can often take out opponents in one blow.

6 Archeops

One of the strongest Fossil Pokémon in the series, Archeops can strike opponents and knock them out quickly. It has a stellar Attack stat, as well as great Special Attack and Speed stats. Its Special Attack is not as useful because Archeops does not learn many Special moves via leveling up. It adds a bit of variety to its capabilities, though. Archeops is a true glass cannon, relying on rapid attacks. It can faint fairly easily, but this often does not happen, as it can destroy many enemy teams before they can strike once.

5 Emboar

The third fully evolved Fire-type starter in a row to have the dual-typing of Fire/Fighting, Emboar continues the tradition very well. The pig-like creature's exceptional HP and Attack stats make it both a heavy hitter and a bulky combatant. Its defensive stats are lacking in both categories, but its HP keeps it from fainting on many occasions. Its Special Attack is lower than its Attack, but even so, it is fairly high. This gives Emboar options depending on the opponent. It can use many powerful attacks from both categories, making it hard to defend against.

4 Vanilluxe

One of the most controversial Pokémon in a generation of several divisive creatures, Vanilluxe is actually very strong in combat. The Pocket Monster's Defense and Special Defense are reasonable, and its Special Attack is impressive. Ice can be limited in its capabilities, especially if there is not another typing combined with it, because Ice only resists itself.

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However, Vanilluxe excels partially due to its powerful available moves, including Ice Beam and Blizzard. These are not only strong but also utilize the Pokémon's high Special Attack. Vanilluxe makes up for Ice's limitations by being a strong attacker.

3 Chandelure

One of the most underrated Ghost-types, Chandelure does not receive the credit it deserves. It can withstand hits due to its above-average defensive stats, and it can sweep through opponents with its incredible Special Attack. Almost all of the attacks it learns from leveling up are Special, which works out very well for it. It does not have great HP, but its defenses usually help it to stay in battle long enough to do extensive damage. In a generation filled with divisive designs, most fans agree that Chandelure is one of the best Unovan Pokémon, both in concept and in battle.

2 Volcarona

Similar to Hydreigon, Volcarona takes a lot of effort to acquire, evolving from Larvesta at level 59. Once trainers obtain one, though, it can be a powerful attacker. Its Special Attack stat is fantastic, and it can learn excellent Special moves like Bug Buzz, Heat Wave, and Fire Blast, all of which gain a Same Type Attack Bonus from Volcarona's Bug/Fire typing. It also has a great Speed stat, so even though its Defense stat is fairly low, it can likely strike and defeat enemies quickly. Volcarona is a worthy dual-type Fire creature fans should try out and a welcome addition to the often underwhelming Bug-type.

1 Haxorus

Haxorus is not a pseudo-Legendary, but its strength allows it to hold its own among them. It has an excellent Attack stat, and every attack it learns from leveling up is Physical, except for Dragon Pulse. Its defenses, which have lower values than its Attack, are still not terrible, and its Speed is relatively high. A popular move for Haxorus is Giga Impact, which is a Normal-type move. Even though Haxorus does not gain a Same Type Attack Bonus from this, its massive Physical Attack stat helps this strike to be deadly nonetheless.

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