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The James Bond series has been part of pop culture for six decades and has entertained audiences around the world. Daniel Craig makes his last appearance as 007 with No Time to Die after contributing to the character’s legacy, which was quite expansive even before Craig joined the franchise.

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As part of Daniel Craig’s send-off from the role, it’s worth taking a look at the biggest questions that fans have had about Bond overall. These tend to be queries about the character’s backstory and his signature qualities. There are also several points of interest about the franchise that will surely surprise many fans.

10 How Many Movies Has He Been In?

The latest movie is popularly known as “Bond 25” for the fact that it is marketed as the twenty-fifth entry in the series. However, this isn’t truly the case as the franchise considers only the movies that were produced under the Eon Productions banner as official entries.

In reality, there are 27 James Bond movies, with the two unofficial entries released around the same time as when the main series was ongoing. These two movies are 1967’s Casino Royale, starring David Niven as Bond, and 1983’s Never Say Never Again, in which Sean Connery returned as the title character. These movies proved to be popular with audiences but were critical disappointments as both films didn't possess the unique combination of breathless action, sly humor, and glamorous spectacle that Eon had originated and perfected over the years.

9 Who Has Played The Character The Most?

There’s a case to be made for how well the Roger Moore Bond movies still hold up and the actor deserves credit for steering the series for twelve years from 1973 to 1985 in seven films. Although Moore is also the only actor to appear consecutively in as many films as he did, he’s actually tied for most credits as Bond.

Sean Connery also played the character in seven movies, albeit his final one being the independently produced and non-canonical Never Say Never Again. Connery also took a break after his fifth appearance when George Lazenby took over, before returning for his sixth film in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever.

8 Who Created The Character?

It may surprise some fans to know that James Bond isn’t an original movie protagonist but rather an adaptation of a literary character written by author Ian Fleming. Bond first appeared in print in 1953’s Casino Royale, with Fleming writing an overall fourteen stories until 1966’s Octopussy and The Living Daylights.

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The original James Bond film series followed the novels that Fleming had written until there were no more stories to tell. Starting with Licence to Kill, the franchise began telling original stories that borrowed heavily from the characters, locations, and lore that Fleming had established in his original novels. Bond's literary adventures continue to this day with a variety of authors producing more Bond adventures under Fleming's name.

7 Who Are His Most Significant Love Interests?

Some fans tend to poke fun at the latest movies that Daniel Craig’s Bond doesn’t make sense because he chose love over his career in Casino Royale. It can be argued that it was out of character for Bond since Vesper is only one of two women that he’s truly fallen in love with.

Prior to Casino Royale, Bond’s sole genuine love interest had been Teresa "Tracy" di Vicenzo in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, whom he’d even gone so far as to marry. Unfortunately, both love interests were doomed as Tracy and Vesper were killed by the end of their respective movies to leave Bond single once again. Both women represent Bond's ideal partner: intelligent, self-assured, and not willing to accept his playboy lifestyle. Their deaths fuel his quests for revenge, with Vesper's memory still haunting Bond in all of Craig's films.

6 Which Movie Has Two Versions Of The Same Story?

The non-Eon production of Never Say Never Again can be considered to take place in an alternate universe since the same story was told decades earlier. Thunderball was released in 1965 as Sean Connery’s fourth film as Bond. Never Say Never Again adapted the novel of the same name, with a similar story of Spectre stealing NATO atomic bombs that Bond has to locate. The major difference between the movies was that Never Say Never Again acknowledged Connery’s age to feature Bond as an older spy. In addition, the film is notable for making Kim Basinger a star as the archetypical Bond girl Domino.

5 What Is The Difference Between Daniel Craig's Bond And His Predecessors?

Many tend to overlook a vital behind-the-scenes fact about Daniel Craig that he isn’t portraying the same James Bond that all his predecessors did. Everyone from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan had continued Bond’s story but Craig’s version doesn’t share the continuity as the others.

As far as Craig’s Bond is concerned, none of the adventures in previous movies ever took place. Casino Royale was a reboot of the series, meaning this version is the only one that exists in this new universe while separating the history of the character permanently.

4 What Is His Background?

The matter of his backstory doesn’t come up unless it’s a darker James Bond movie that delves into his past. In the novels, Bond’s childhood was tragic, as his parents were killed in a climbing accident and he moved between schools until joining the Ministry of Defense as an adult where he applied to M for a position in the Secret Service.

The background of the character was largely the same as the original incarnation of the movie Bond, while Daniel Craig’s version has a few differences. Craig’s Bond found a second father in Hannes Oberhauser while attending Fettes College, which made Oberhauser’s son, the future Ernst Blofeld, his foster brother. This Bond's past is still being explored and No Time to Die promises to reveal even more secrets from Bond's mysterious past.

3 What Are His Signature Weapons?

The Bond in the novels used a variety of handguns but initially carried the same Beretta 418 in his first five appearances. The movie series Bond moved away from this brand of firearm and Connery’s version even let a Beretta 418 go in his first appearance in favor of a Walther PPK.

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Bond would continue to use the Walther PPK as his signature weapon for the next 18 films until Tomorrow Never Dies, where he started using the Walther P99. Daniel Craig’s version returned to the character’s roots with a modified Walther PPK/S as his main weapon. Whichever gun he uses, Bond has shown a disturbing aptitude for using firearms to defeat his enemies and secure the safety of the world.

2 What Is His Signature Vehicle?

James Bond has been seen in a variety of cars in his long history but there is one vehicle that has appeared the most times in the franchise's history: the Aston Martin DB5. This car first appeared in Goldfinger and returned in Thunderball. Pierce Brosnan’s Bond eventually cemented the fact that the vehicle was Bond’s signature car.

The Aston Martin DB5 appeared in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough. Daniel Craig has continued the practice, as the car has been present in all of his movies except Quantum of Solace. The car has become a symbol for Bond and represents his appeal as a sleek, luxurious, and high-end embodiment of a fantasy life that audiences desire. In addition, the car is often one of Bond's best weapons as it comes equipped with a variety of gadgets to subdue his pursuers.

1 What Other Media Has The Character Appeared In?

The legacy of James Bond isn’t tied just to his big-screen appearances as the character can be found in just about every piece of media. Even before his cinematic debut in Dr. No, a James Bond comic strip was created by Ian Fleming and ran from 1958 to 1984. This was the first in what would be many appearances by 007 in other forms of mass entertainment besides film.

There have also been comic books published by DC and Marvel, with DC running it as part of its Showcase anthology series in 1963, while Marvel publishing a comic book version of For Your Eyes Only. Perhaps the greatest critical success apart from the movies is the video game GoldenEye 007, considered as one of the greatest games ever. In any medium he appears in, James Bond has proven to be successful with fans who desire to see more adventures of the British spy.

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