10 Important Life Lessons We Learned From SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants has a plethora of iconic and hilarious moments, but embedded in these moments are valuable life lessons to be learned. SpongeBob has had many fun adventures with Patrick; if he hadn't set aside time for his best friend, the two never would've had all the fun times they did.

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SpongeBob also taught Plankton about fun through the iconic song; through that, he pointed out to fans how important it is to find fun in anything that they do. In fact, SpongeBob's naturally cheery and positive attitude is a life lesson in itself, as it's a marvelous way to look at life. Whether through SpongeBob's adventures or his personality, there are plenty of life lessons to pick and learn from.

10 Avoid Procrastinating

'Procrastination', an aptly titled episode, was an entire life lesson in itself. Audiences can certainly relate to SpongeBob's struggle with procrastination when it comes to his essay. Like SpongeBob, audiences will find other things to do and leave it to the last minute to finish what they needed to all along. It probably won't turn out like SpongeBob's procrastinating experience in which he wrote his essay in no time at all (only to learn that Mrs. Puff had canceled the assignment in favor of a field trip); however, let SpongeBob's experience be a lesson to audiences everywhere. It's better to get it done than stress at the last second.

9 Don't Always Be A Squidward

Squidward is a funny character, but he usually has a negative take on life. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten the opportunity to truly fulfill his dreams and instead works as a cashier at the Krusty Krab; however, he does still get to play clarinet and make art outside of work. It's important for audiences to do the things they love, even if they're not quite where they want to be in life, and to avoid having a consistently negative outlook on life. Instead, Squidward is a good example of how not to be, but we can appreciate his relatable life moments.

8 Keep Friends Out Of Stand-Up Routines

SpongeBob panicked when he was onstage at the Krusty Krab given the audience wasn't really loving his jokes. By happenstance, he notices Sandy and comes up with something on the spot, leading to "squirrel jokes." While popular with the crowd, it takes a toll on SpongeBob's friendship with Sandy.

Sandy decided to later teach him a lesson. It just goes to show that friends are better kept out of comedy routines, especially when jokes can turn out hurtful and make a friendship suffer.

7 Opportunities Are Everywhere!

SpongeBob is always embarking on one adventure or another; sometimes they end up as misadventures, but at least he has a story to tell! From being in a Krusty Krab commercial to selling chocolate bars to camping in the backyard, SpongeBob finds ways to have fun, try new things, and have memorable experiences.

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Even the misadventures contain a life lesson; for instance, SpongeBob learned that he and Patrick had to brush up on their skills as chocolate salesmen before they got the chance to live "fancy." In any case, audiences may not have the chance to teach a super villain like Man Ray how to be good, but they can definitely grasp opportunities that come their way!

6 I'm Ready!

SpongeBob has a great mantra for starting out the day, happily walking down the street and shouting "I'm ready!" It's the best way to start the day; even if audiences don't feel the way SpongeBob does, holding a similar attitude may make all the difference when it comes to starting and maintaining the day ahead for the better. It's a lot better than walking around grumbling and cranky; it's good to keep the mantra on the inside too, just in case audiences have cranky neighbors like Squidward hanging around.

5 Always Make Friends A Priority

SpongeBob is always there for his friends. He cares for them, and he finds things to do with them. With Patrick, he'll go jellyfishing, and with Sandy, he'll practice karate. SpongeBob finds different ways to connect with his friends, and keeps a wide range of them from all walks of life.

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He doesn't judge, and he always makes time for them. SpongeBob is primarily positive and cheery, and it's no wonder why considering he has so many people who care about him, and vice versa. Friends are part of what make life great, and they should always be a priority.

4 Growing Up Doesn't Mean Growing Out Of What You Love

Audiences certainly remember SpongeBob's struggle to grow up when, after his friends teased him mercilessly, he decided he was too grown-up for Grandma's cookies and kisses, only to realize that he still wanted both, and was heartbroken to see that Grandma was giving those things to Patrick instead of him. Growing up is a part of life, but that doesn't mean it has to make certain things come to an end. SpongeBob is still a kid at heart in many ways, and this is a part of his character that audiences love. It's a great life lesson from the show, in that growing up doesn't have to be done overnight, or at all in certain areas. Being a kid at heart is a lot more fun than being a grown-up all the time!

3 The Importance Of Imagination

While it irritated Squidward to no end that SpongeBob and Patrick were happily entertaining themselves in their new box, the best friends showed audiences how to have fun with their friends and imaginations. In an instant, Patrick and SpongeBob were experiencing an avalanche, or fighting on robot pirate island, or doing whatever it was that they wanted. It makes for a memorable moment in the show's history, but it also teaches audiences the importance of creativity, having a good time with best friends, and making the most out of a box, of course.

2 You Don't Have To Get It Right On The First Try

SpongeBob certainly didn't get his boating license on the first try, or even the second, third, fourth, or fifth try. In fact, he's been on the air for over 20 years, and he still doesn't have his boating license! Instead of despair, SpongeBob chooses to motivate himself to work harder, and loves going to boating school.

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Even though he unintentionally stresses out Mrs. Puff, at least he has a good time continually going back to class and starting from scratch when it comes to working towards his license. Working hard for something pays off, and the fact that SpongeBob hasn't quit and given up on his dream is an inspiration, and important life lesson, to audiences.

1 Remember To Have F.U.N.

If any lesson is to come out of the "F.U.N. Song", it's to always remember to have fun in everything. SpongeBob taught Plankton about F.U.N. in a memorable episode featuring the Chum Bucket owner. Fun is available anywhere and anytime, and for "friends who do stuff together." No matter what, fun must be included in life, and the more fun audiences find in what they do, the happier they will be!

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