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The most iconic mode of transport in the world of Disney animation is hard to pin down - there's clearly an argument for Cinderella's pumpkin-carriage, or Captain Hook's classic pirate ship. However, iconic doesn't always mean cool... and while plenty of princess-fans may dream of having a magical pumpkin of their own, it's not always the most impressive.

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From hot rods to spaceships and starfighters, Disney Animation has created some seriously sweet rides in the studio's extensive career - some of which could even exist in the real world. Not including the animated characters from the Cars franchise itself, though, which are the absolute coolest?

10 Pizza Planet Truck

An honorable mention, but a truck with its own filmography truly deserves it. It might be a beat-up old truck with a glowing red rocketship atop, but for a pizza delivery van, it's been featured in more than a few Pixar classics.

It's one of the studio's longest-running Easter eggs and has been featured in nearly every film made since the original Toy StoryFrom appearing as a literal truck in street scenes to a tattoo on Axel's leg in Toy Story 4, there's no denying that the Pizza Planet Truck isn't a versatile piece of machinery.

9 Guinevere

On paper, Barley Lightfoot's mode of transportation might appear to be just a typical psychedelic stoner van, but those who have seen Pixar's Onward know that it's a noble steed that helps Ian and his big bro on their magical quest.

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She might be just a "beat-up old van" but the colorful unicorn-painted vehicle plays a huge role and has much more personality than meets the eye. Thanks to the film's mix of magic and modern, the van's equine qualities are part of what separates it from the herd.

8 Cruella’s Car

Cruella de Vil's devilish hot rod is not only a visually impressive vehicle but a feat of animation as well. Its bright red motif and evil-looking headlights completely complement Cruella's diabolical aesthetic, but viewers might notice something peculiar about its structure and movement.

The car was created by animating xeroxes of a cardboard model in a sort of rotoscope-like fashion. Its inky edges and mechanical movements were what helped it stand out against the sketchbook backdrops.

7 Mr. Incredible’s Incredibile

Batman has the Batmobile, but Mr. Incredible needs a set of wheels that's as cool and suave as he is. enter the Incredibile with its blue and black paint job, smooth and sleek design, and gadgets and gizmos aplenty. It's a wonder it doesn't come with shark repellant.

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Not only can this suped-up superhero car autopilot itself, apply Mr. Incredible's costume and keep track of a car chase, but it comes with a variety of weaponry and can even change its form for a quick and clever disguise. Let's see Elastagirl's bike do that.

6 Go-Go’s Cycle

What separates Go-Go Tamago's disc-powered cycle from other vehicles on this list is its touch of reality along with the comic book/sci-fi motifs blatantly present throughout Big Hero 6There's a shred of fact tossed in with the fiction by making Go-Go's cycle the product of an engineering experiment.

While it would be so easy for Disney/Marvel to invent something far-fetched with a cool aesthetic, it's clear that it's still being developed. Even its wheels help Hiro create the weapons for her supersuit - and this adds to the character more than having a perfect cycle would.

5 Spear Of Selene

When Ducktales has an entire story arc surrounding a stolen spacecraft, there's no doubt that the Spear of Selene is worth discussing. On the surface, it looks like a typical rocketship with Scrooge McDuck's eccentric designs geared for another profitable adventure. But it ends up becoming the figurehead for an overarching narrative that connects the seasons.

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Those who have seen the show will know that the Spear of Selene represents Scrooge's most daring adventure and his biggest loss. Without going into spoilers, it leads to quite the epic saga for the Ducktales gang.

4 R.L.S. Legacy

Treasure Planet was one of those early 2000s Disney movies that wanted to try new things. By blending the sci-fi imagery with that of 1800s architecture and technology, it created its own world of a ship-punk-styled aesthetic. And there is no finer example of this design choice than the R.L.S. Legacy

Part spaceship, part schooner, the Legacy was a solar-sailed powered ship set off on the expedition to find the Loot of a Thousand Worlds. Not only does it look sleek enough to sail smoothly through the stars, but its blend of design and technology produce what Walt Disney called "the probable impossible." Every design choice has a purpose after all.

3 The Ghost

As far as animated ships go, the fan-favorite could certainly be the Ghost from Star Wars: RebelsHera's modified freighter has served the remainder of the Galactic Republic on several missions but also became the mode of transport for Ezra Bridger and the rest of the small unit of the Rebel Alliance.

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The freighter doesn't fly solo, as it also comes equipped with the Phantom, a combination shuttle, and starfighter for when things get hairy. Though not the Millenium Falcon, it does pack its own brand of punch.

2 The Red One

Leave it to Stitch to be the individual of the group with his bright red space cruiser that takes him across the universe to crash land on planet earth. Known as simply "The Red One," the spaceship is as unique as the alien experiment that steals it.

Stitch's aptitude for the red color scheme follows him throughout the movies and series, even getting promoted to the captain of the Big Red Battleship in one of the sequels. But the image of him behind the wheel of this scarlet starship remains in Disney history.

1 The Ulysses

Captain Nemo had the Nautilus, but Milo Thatch had the Ulysses. This steampunk dream from Disney's sci-fi gem is what carried the crew of the Atlantis expedition to their fateful destination at the bottom of the ocean. And while it's not in the film very long, it's easily one of the most brilliantly designed vehicles in Disney.

Though not quite as durable as the previously mentioned submarine, the Ulysses makes up for it in size, scale, and technology. Next to the deadly Leviathan, it's probably the most iconic piece of machinery from the film.

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