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Blasting the heads off of zombies and jumping on the heads of turtles and mushroom monsters might be popular gaming pastimes, but there's just something extra special about shedding off the everyday persona and stepping into the shoes of a completely different character, whether their a warrior, a wizard, or even a space marine. This is the wide world of RPGs.

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While the RPG genre is insanely diverse, not everyone has dipped their toes in the virtual waters. Fortunately for them, there are plenty of deep games loaded to the brim with loot and lore for level-1 heroes just starting on their quests.

10 Final Fantasy Origins (2002)

Everyone has to start somewhere, even giants of the gaming industry like the Final Fantasy series. When the original entry into the franchise first premiered, it helped pave the way for other adventures that followed, bringing a fantasy quest from just words on a screen into a fully realized epic.

Granted, the original games are a bit bare-bones and basic compared to some of the other titles available today, but for gamers wanting something retro for a classic JRPG experience, this is a solid springboard into the genre.

9 Skyrim (2011)

Honestly, Skyrim is one of those video games that just has to be experienced. Not only is it one of the most accessible RPGs being available across multiple consoles, but it's one of the deepest dives into a realm of fantasy. Hosting hours of content and gameplay, players can practically build a life for themselves as the Dragonborn.

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Playing through the realm of Tamriel can be a very liberating experience, as the storyline is simply optional and players essentially have free reign as soon as they escape Helgen. It's not a perfect game, but there's no denying there's plenty of fun to be had.

8 Gauntlet (1985)

Along with games like Final Fantasy, Gauntlet is one of the pillars on which the RPG genre was built. Gauntlet threw its players right into the action by having them take control of their own adventurer, choosing to be a warrior, wizard, valkyrie, or elf.

It was one of the first hack-and-slash dungeon-crawlers that gave birth to other titles like Diablo or Path of the ExileBy pulling its focus on action rather than turn-based gameplay, it allows for more engaging encounters and multiplayer involvement. Just don't shoot the food.

7 Chrono Trigger (1995)

Chrono Trigger could possibly be described as the JRPG for gamers who don't like JRPGs. Its faster combat, rich story, multiple endings, and melding of genres are what makes it so beloved. There's simply a multitude of reasons to give it a try.

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If players can get through the ropes of the game, they'll discover an enchanting tale of swords, sorcery, wizards, robots, and time travel more than worthy of their time. It keeps all the JRPG tropes without becoming tedious.

6 Kingdoms Of Amalur (2012)

2012's Kingdoms of Amalur has been called by some fans "the greatest game nobody played" but thanks to its remastered edition, now it's become more accessible for a second life on current consoles. With the depth of Skyrim and the richness and lore of a Forgotten Realms novel all paired with the gory combat of God of War, it has a lot to offer.

Players can create their own fateless hero and descend into a vibrant fantasy world to discover their own destiny, which can be changed at the player's convenience. It's the user-friendly nature and the classic fantasy themes that truly make the game enjoyable.

5 Torchlight (2009)

Though it was blatantly inspired by the likes of Diablo, the Torchlight games are a great way to introduce players to the dungeon-crawler genre. While sinking in waist-deep into dungeons full of monsters, loot, and more is nothing really new, the entries serve as a great starter game before taking on taller orders.

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Like with most games in the genre, players select a class and create their own characters as they explore dungeons and caverns full of monsters and bosses. It's a touch grindy, but the rewards are certainly many.

4 Archlion Saga (2019)

A better title for Archilion Saga might be "My First JRPG," as this brief but informative quest covers all the basics of a traditional RPG title. Drawing heavily from classic RPG games like Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, and Dragon Quest, it truly serves as a great game for new players to test the waters of the genre before becoming fully immersed.

The game features a party of adventurers, an overarching quest against the powers of evil, and all while taking place in a classic 16-bit realm inspired by vintage RPGs. It's a bit basic, but its elements are present across a multitude of other titles that players can explore.

3 Pokémon Series (Various Years)

There's a reason the Pokémon franchise is so popular, as it's possibly the first RPG most players are introduced to at a very young age. It might feature cute little virtual monsters, but it has the markers of a classic JRPG.

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Trainers create a party of different creatures to face off against random encounters with other Pokémon, trainers, and so on. There are potions, powerups, and loot to be won, all elements seen across the genre. It definitely fits the description of many other mentioned titles so far.

2 Legend Of Zelda Series (Various Years)

While the jury is still split in some circles, there's no denying that the RPG genre as a whole owes a lot to The Legend of ZeldaMany titles take a lot from the series such as a top-down perspective, key items and powerups for quests, and a slew of dungeons that stand between the player and the treasure/princess/ending, all key elements in even the most basic RPGs.

While Breath of the Wild might be the title that covers the most ground and features hours of gameplay, but there's certainly something to be said for the early titles as well. Either way, it's a classic quest through and through.

1 Dragon Quest Series (Various Years)

There are few games out there that capture the spirit of a tried-and-true traditional RPG as well as the Dragon Quest series. It follows the traditional JRPG formula but utilizes a more western fantasy style to deliver its sagas of heroes, villains, and adventures.

Classic and consistent is a good way to describe Dragon Quest. With eleven core entries in the series, players essentially have their pick of quests to undertake, whether that's of a legendary hero, a fallen celestial being, or a mysterious Luminary, there's no going wrong with this iconic franchise.

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