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With the Godzilla franchise continuing to take the world by storm thanks to the success of the recent Godzilla Vs. Kongaudiences are perhaps interested in the anti-hero Kaiju more than ever. Godzilla actually has quite a complex history in video games, and some are certainly better than others.

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There are genuine standouts though that tell a great story, manage to adapt the scale of the beast well, or perhaps are just a lot of fun to play. Whether they are arcade-style or trying to use slightly newer technologies, these titles try to capture the heart of the character and at the very least allow players to cause absolute mayhem!

10 Super Godzilla (1993)

Developed by the Advance Communication Company and published by Toho, this SNES title is a strange take on the franchise, but one that encompasses some unique gameplay choices. It utilizes the two screens available, with one accessing a map showcasing Godzilla's destruction while the other showcasing the Kaiju's rampage.

While it might be a clunky and slow system, it was an interesting way to try to portray the scale of Godzilla's attack. It helped to show how overpowered the monster really was when using the Super Godzilla variation and boasted a unique camera shift when Godzilla was at odds with another beast; especially the infamous Bagan. For its time it was a great entry into the series.

9 Godzilla: Monster Of Monsters (1988)

Toho provided their talents to the world of Godzilla once more with their collaboration with Compile to produce Monster Of Monsters. Featuring some classic side-scrolling action, the main driving force of the gameplay saw multiple monsters featured on larger boards, where the player would come face to face with them in a mini-game equivalent of a fighting title.

It was unique for boasting such a wide array of now-forgotten Kaiju that perhaps should make their live-action returns and even allowed players to take on the role of either Godzilla or the fan-favorite Mothra. The intergalactic setting for the title gave the story a unique twist in comparison to the traditional city-smashing installments.

8 Godzilla: Monster War (1994)

From Toho once more alongside Alfa System, Monster War was a title that gave players a huge array of choices. Of course, Godzilla was likely the go-to option, but players could also take command of Anguirus, Gotengo, King Ghidorah, Gigan, Megalon, Mechagodzilla, Biollante, and Mothra.

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While its single-player fighting style mode was a lot of fun, the benefit of this game was the ability to fight against a friend. The two-player variation allowed the full range of abilities from these Kaiju to fully be unleashed as Toho tried to pay homage to the lore of the franchise through the character's distinct skills and powers.

7 Godzilla: Battle Legends (1993)

Alfa System and Toho collaborated on Battle Legends before Monster War, with the latter acting as a sequel. The original title boasted an interesting single-player campaign that saw players rampage as the titular monster with an exciting twist. Godzilla's appearance actually changes to reflect the era of the beast it is fighting, calling back to some of the Kaiju blockbusters of the past.

It's once again the two-player system that allows this title to rise up the rankings though, with Battle Legends actually featuring a wider variety of characters to play as than Monster War including 10 versions of Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, three versions of King Ghidorah, Hedorah, Gigan, Megalon, multiple Mechagodzillas, Super X II, and two versions of both Biollante and Battra.

6 Godzilla: Domination! (2002)

Developed by WayForward Technologies with publishing coming from Atari, this Game Boy advance title really helps to usher in a new era for the Godzilla franchise in the video game world. Featuring better graphics and faster gameplay, the two-player fighting system is a big improvement on previous titles, even if the roster of characters is smaller.

However, the game actually allows up to four players to participate and also features an interesting custom mode that puts the single-player elements to the test as the audience is pitted against multiple enemies! The story and the limited gameplay levels within the campaign hold Domination! back though.

5 Godzilla (2014)

Designed for the PlayStation platforms with development from Natsume and publishing from BANDAI NAMCO, as one of the most recent Godzilla games this is an interesting study in what will and won't work within the franchise. The game was, of course, inspired by the rebooted movie series.

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Drawing its influences from the blockbuster, therefore, the title made sure destruction was at the heart of the action. Players got to take on a huge array of notable Kaiju and with a few different modes to explore there were definitely plenty of gameplay options. Unfortunately, each felt limited thanks in large part to the graphics and the controls. Comparative to what came before it's a good title, but there are standouts that surpass it.

4 Godzilla: Unleashed (2007)

Published by Atari once more with development from Pipeworks Software, this game was released on multiple Nintendo platforms alongside the PlayStation 2. The game featured an extremely compelling campaign that saw an alien race attack the Earth causing the disasters and destruction Godzilla must fight against.

With one of the biggest rosters of Kaiju made famous from the films and expanded material, players really can dive into the scale and scope of Godzilla's world like never before. This is a title that has aged relatively well though, while the fighting-style gameplay and graphics were criticized at the time, this has since proven to be a game that continues to draw in fans thanks to its attention to story and lore.

3 City Of Giant Shadows (2017)

Known as Kyoei Toshi Japan with translations to City Of Giant Shadows or City Shrouded In Shadow, developer Granzella and publisher BANDAI NAMCO teamed up to create a gameplay experience unlike anything fans had seen before. The multiple levels and complex story see some of the heavyweights of Japanese cinema in action.

From Godzilla to Ultraman, Gamera to Evangelion, the franchises involved in this title are truly astounding and mesh with the narrative beautifully. While the gameplay is fun, the title really manages to show the human perspective within all of this mayhem.

2 Godzilla: Save The Earth (2004)

There's definitely some debate surrounding the top Godzilla title but Pipeworks Software and Atari definitely put in a strong argument for Godzilla: Save The Earth as one of the definitive games for the monster. This is actually a predecessor to Godzilla: Unleashed!

The title is imbued with authenticity from the main franchise, with the humanity Vs. Godzilla story thread feeling very on-brand for the series, despite the Kaiju ultimately being given the starring role. While its gameplay may be slow at times and surpassed by its own predecessor, the fighting style sequences are so much fun and rival any of the action moments in Godzilla Vs. Kong.

1 Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (2002)

The first of the trilogy Destroy All Monsters Melee is really as it says it is, a complete melee. Developed by Pipeworks Software and WayForward Technologies and published by Infogrames, a subsidiary of Atari, this is a Godzilla fighting game in all its glory.

The roster is perhaps a little limited in comparison to other titles featured, but the attention to detail in regards to the gameplay, each of the character's attacks, and an easy learning curve, meant that the title was accessible and fun! Some modes could have gone even further, of course, but a compelling story helps the title stand the test of time and continues to act as a measuring stick.

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