JEC Love story | JEC Part 29 | Arnab and Aastha

Wanna read JEC PART 29? Keep calm and wait until Mrs. Indranee Sharma post it!

JEC part 29

So, I was just scrolling news feeds on facebook and suddenly I came over it and then I checked google trends and I was just shocked such a massive amount of google searches is coming from this keyword " JEC PART 28 , Jec part 29 , JEC PART 30 , JEC LOVE STORY , JEC ARNAB AND AASTHA

Good to see that the people of Assam is running towards bright side of the society.
We the people of Assam has the gut to trend such a topic which is beneficial to us.
Good to see such a cute gesture :) Keep the good spirit up :D 

Well, I have posted short summary of this beautiful love story you guys can check it up from here
and just to ensure that Jec part 29 will be available only after Mrs Indranee Sharma post it on her official website so stop searching for jec part 29.

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