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Best places for Pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai

Hey Folks, So you are looking for Best places for Pre-wedding shoot in Mumbai?If yes, then you're at the right place. Stick to this blog !!!

Mumbai, the city of opportunities, is one of the most coveted career destinations among the youngsters. The melting pot of diverse cultures, one cannot seem to get enough of the city’s gorgeous beaches, mouthwatering street foods, and the happening nightlife. If you are a proud Mumbaikar, it won’t surprise us if you want your pre-wedding photographer to capture you two along with all the essence of the city of dreams.

Here is a list of the three best places in the city, and for perfect pre-wedding photography in Mumbai:
Marine DriveThe Queen’s Necklace is the most iconic part of the city. No photo shoot seems to be complete without filming here, making the place a hot favorite among candid wedding photographers in Mumbai. The natural bay lined with palm trees, overlooking the mighty Arabian Sea, offers a perfect walkway for the lovebirds. Insis…

5 Most Haunted Places in Asia to Explore

Hello! So today, We are going to share about 5 Most Haunted Places in Asia, If you are searching for this you're in the right place, Stick to this blog and chill! But wanna give you a warning, Read the article at your own consent cause it has some scary stories which may scare you!!! 
The Forbidden City Beijing #1

The Forbidden City Beijing, China The Forbidden City was the Imperial Palace for six centuries from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was the home for the royal family, their advisers, concubines, attendants and guards. If you've never watched any Chinese imperial TV dramas or movies you might not know this, but the royal family seemed to always want power. From the princes to the concubines to the Empresses even the ministers, and their goal was usually to be the head of the country, the King, the Emperor. So bloodshed, slander, political intrigue and deceit was technically a common thing in the Forbidden City. Killing secretly, kidnapping and chang…

Tourist Places of Rajasthan - The Land of Maharajas

So let's talk about Tourist Places of Rajasthan - The Land of Maharajas. The journey starts from Delhi and as we all know There are different modes to travel to Rajasthan from Delhi their but we choose car. Rajasthan is a dry place having no dense habitation only parched fields with some scattered populated.

Khatu Shyam
Khatu Shyam which is nearly 280kms from Delhi. Khatu is the place where ancient temple of avatar of Lord Krishna is situated. Nearly 30 stairs on the right side is statue of Lord Hanuman decorated by the colored glasses. And this the statue was on the entrance of the temple door. This is were people from all over the world offer their prayers. The interior of the temple was decorated with beautiful colour glass chips.  After that, we headed towards Jaipur which is nearly 90kms from Khatu Shyam. Then we checked in the hotel on Vanastali Marg, Jaipur. in day 2 and within in few minutes we headed towards Ajmer. 

AjmerIn Ajmer we visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah after that we…

Tourist Places and Monuments of Hyderabad

History is a story of the past and the city of Nizams is rich in it! Hyderabad has a lot of monuments that withstood the test of time Join me, as we visit these monuments! In the center of the city stands an iconic structure which comes to everyone's mind as soon as they hear the name Hyderabad!

CharminarThis four pillared historic gem Charminar was constructed in 1591 it has a mosque on the top floor which is around 400 years old. Did you know that according to a popular belief ,there are a series of underground tunnels which lead to the golkonda fort from right below the Charminar! These tunnels are still a secret and no one knows where to find them yet. It surely has its mysteries but Charminar is now a global icon of hyderabad is crowded by people throughout the year. 

Golkonda Fort Who hasn’t heard about the Kohinoor and the Hope diamonds? Even though we don't have these diamonds in our country as of now the place where it was found is this - the famous, Golconda fort. The

Silchar is the Home to Assam's Most Scenic Railway Tracks

In India, in the state of Assam has the most scenic railway stretch of 220kms which is Silchar to Lumding. Travelling at an average speed of 35-40kmph the journey takes around 5 to 8 hrs. The Silchar railway station is an important commericial station here and it serves the whole Barak Valley. I visited the place mid of December. Not the best season for scenic lush green views of the valley, but probably good for photography due to predictable weather. 

The most unforgettable ones were the beautiful views of the mountains, rivers and tunnels this section had to offer. Its also known as the Pahal Line, meaning the Mountain Line. During that time, there were steam engines and this section had 29 tunnels. This route is probably one of the most scenic train route in the world. But it was also infamous for all sorts of things. Being in the interior of Assam, small terrorist organizations locally operating used to create a lot of problems in the 1980s and 90s. Several security personnel had …

Kausani - The Switzerland of India

Kausani - The Switzerland of India is a tall mountain which is 25,664 feet tall mountain, You can experience the enchanting peaks from one spot From Mt.Api, highest peak of Nepal to Bandarpunch , mountain massif of the Garhwal Kausani gives a perfect view of around 240 km stretch of these Himalayan peaks One of the most enchanting thing about Kausani is the breathtaking panaromic view of himalayas during sunrise and sunset During rains, the thick foggy clouds make the landscape even more enticing make the landscape even more enticing make the landscape even more enticing.

HistoryIn 1921, Mahatma Gandhi visited the place. He initially had planned only 2 days but decided to extend his stay for 2 weeks, He completed his book " The Anashakti Yog" here During his extended stay, he asked people "Why do people travel to Europe and Switzerland in search of pristine natural beauty when we have Kausani" People were amazed that Father of our Nation is addressing Kausani as bea…