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Food and Places to Visit in Jaisalmer - Golden City of India

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Today we are travelling to Jaisalmer - Golden City of India, We started early morning from Jaipur via the state highway so far the road has been really good. I think, it is far better than NH (National Highway) 8 which is now renamed as NH 48 As you near Jaisalmer, vegetation starts disappearing and you will start seeing the desert But, the roads are arrow straight and really nice. Once we reached Jaisalmer, we hired a guide, to show us around and he did an incredible job!

Welcome to the Golden City Jaisalmer The Fort you are seeing, it was constructed by Maharaja Jaisal, in 1156 AD .The later generation Kings kept adding newer parts King and Queen are still here, but now, they live outside this fort Jaisalmer Fort is a "living Fort. Cement was not used for construction Its completely made up of Interlocking sandstones with iron nails, Personal outstation cars have to pay 50 for parking You will be approached by a lot of guides/autos and …

Best Places to Visit in North East India

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Today we are going to share best places to visit in North East India. It has seven states namely  Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. North-East India has a unique name people usually call it as "The Unexplored Paradise". Lets have a look!!

Mawlynnong, MeghalayaAfter living root bridge you can go to Mawlynnong it is asia's cleanest village. Mawlynnong is a village in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya state It comes under the Pynursla community development block and Vidhan Sabha (legislative assembly) constituency. Mawlynnong is located 90 km from Shillong, along the India-Bangladesh border Entry in the village is free. Food is cheap Rs 100 for Thali There are more than 100 families living in village. Agriculture is the chief occupation of the local population with betel nut being the main crop. As is the tradition of the Khasi people, in Mawlynnong property and wealth.

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Motivational Story - Forest Life - Understanding Animal

The forest teaches man more about the man than man ever could. After visiting settlements where the mighty cat predators roam freely in the night and cross roads and even national highways, I realise now why life. ALWAYS finds a way. All of us face various ordeals in our daily life; but in the wild, life is dramatic beyond human comprehension.
Every single day, is a struggle for survival. Just like ancient humans, the cats fight for territories and mates, the trees fight for sunlight, the insects for food, but there’s one fight they all are involved in together. Every single day, they fight for life. It is all about the present for all non-human creatures. All of them, live exactly WHEN they are. One could argue that they do this to secure a future, but think about it this way, looking forward in life is important, it helped us get where we are, but unlike us, they don’t live IN the future.

You might think, these predators are the kings of their habitats. But it isn’t necessarily so.…

India is The Home To Asia's Cleanest Village - Mawlynnong

Wow! What a location!
Well after all its Home To Asia's Cleanest Village but You might be wondering how it could be in India? Yes, it is in India. Amazing isn't it? Anyways, This place is very beautiful right?

About Mawlynnong :
Can you see the cleanliness of this village? Mawlynnong is situated in North Eastern states called Meghalaya! Meghalaya is also known for "The abode of clouds". What a great combination.

The village head of this Heavenly Place, Mr. Thomlin says that the villagers are very conscious about cleanliness. Their ancestors have only taught them to keep their village clean and thus they do so since many generations.Their ancestors also taught that the advantages and importance of keeping the  environment clean and concluded that "One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases"

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Motivational Story - A true Traveler's Story - Conquering Fear

I often tell people travelling was probably the most special thing that has ever happened to me because I had no expectations from it, I was going alone for the first time and I was scared But what I experienced was death and rebirth. I’ve had a recurring dream of dying. And then experiencing the aftermath of death. Or rather put it, the feeling of not feeling anything Ever since I was 6 years old That dream has haunted me.

I have always imagined death Not as a dark room I am going to be locked in after my time here I'm.. I'm okay with that Put it rather that I imagined being completely dissipated. A state of not me. But in this process of self discovery, I realized that what I was truly afraid of, wasn’t death. What frightened me was not being able to think thoughts.

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Munnar Hill Station | Places To Visit in Munnar

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In this article I'm going to share top things to do and places to visit in Munnar.

Oil turds pleasant climate Munnar is an ideal holiday destination almost throughout the year.
December to February is considered the best time to visit Munnar since the weather is pleasant and one can indulge into adventure sports carry woolen clothing since the temperature drops in the evenings and early mornings.

During March to May weather remains pleasant making it time to enjoy sightseeing.

June to September is usually less crowded due to rains it's the best time if you are looking for a peaceful romantic getaway carry raincoat and umbrellas and enjoy the beauty of Munnar that's during the season.

How to reach? The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport which is around 110 kilometer away by road. From Cochin one can hire a cab to get to Munnar.

Driving to Munnar can be a lot of fun the route goes through the western ghats and stick thick forest. Soon after re…

Shimla's Food and Local Places To Visit in Shimla

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If you're going Shimla by roads and wanna do rest of the route via train than Kalka will be the last station to Shimla. Depart here and enjoy the roads. This is complete fun in itself. If you prefer to travel by road from Kalka to Shimla, it will take you four to five hours to travel 90 kms (56 miles). Unless, you come in June or July months, when this road is busy with too much traffic.

Shimla's Food If you are interested in visiting just Shimla city, you should keep at least 2 nights and 3 days aside. This is because you would want to explore local food along with visiting different places of interest. Someone referred me to the famous Chhole-bhatureshop of Sitaram & Sons in LakkarBazar, Shimla. This shop is 70-80 years old. Chhole-bhature (chickpeas in spicy gravy-all-purpose flour flatbread deep fried in oil) Though this is called chhole-bhature elsewhere, this flatbread is called “Luchi” here. This shop is very famous, very popular and very old! Just …

Mobile and ATM Service | Mobile Network Presence in Spiti Valley

Well Hello Readers, How are you? I hope you all are good!! so today I'm going to tell about ATM and Network Presence in Spiti Valley.

We all know, this days mobile phones and ATM cards became a part of our life. Because the necessity of these things are utterly important. Many travelers like me use maps for their trips also Youtuber and Blogger like me can't survive without internet ! imagine there were no internet than how the traveler will find their route and how the blogger and youtuber will upload their content from the spot and If you're coming to Spiti Valley than you will hell lot of stuff to buy and for that you'll need cash and for cash you may need to withdraw cash from ATMs.

So lets talk about its presence in Spiti Valley

Mobile Networks Presence in Spiti
Airtel, Vodafone and Jio mobile networks all of them worked fine till Reckong Peo thereafter none of them worked I used Jio in Reckong Peo and it was doing very good But Airtel and Vodafone disappointed me. Bo…